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By obtaining the modern standards in human resources systems and operations to achieve employee satisfaction and to position Vizyon Leather the most preferred company in its sector.


Providing necessary consulting services and support for our employees whenever they need.


As Vizyon Leatherwear, our main priority is to create the workforce that can fulfill the upcoming requirements and adjust itself to the changing conditions of the modern world. We develop the strategic plan and necessary programs to ensure the efficiency and motivation of our employees which contributes Vizyon Leatherwear to achieve its goals and vision.

For that purpose, Vizyon Leatherwear Human Resources makes sure that all the practices regarding education- development, human resources planning, employee selection and placement, performance evaluation, salary management and reward system, orientation, job evaluation; the common values and the principle of constant quality are adopted by all our employees.

The human resources systems lead to a visionary corporate culture and ensure the current culture's systematization when applied thoroughly.


Our main criterion is to choose people that has the required qualifications and competencies. Our company adopts and applies below policies for employee selection and employment:

  • We do not hire child labor.
  • We do not hire against someone's will.
  • We do not let any kind of discrimination between our employees, such as religion, language, race, religious sect, gender, sexual preference, political or philosophical thoughts.
  • We set clean-cut rules in order to prevent sexual harassment.
  • We take necessary precautions in the production area and in other working areas regarding labor worker's health and job security. We also train our employees in the related fields.
  • We provide our employees the related environment where they can communicate their requests directly to their managers.
  • We respect the dignity of our employees.
  • We establish a system where our employees can defend themselves.
  • We support our employees' professional and personal development.
  • We stick to the working hours that is set by the legal regulations.
  • We respect the social security rights of our employees.
  • We support related private organizations and public institutions in order to contribute to our society.
  • We are sensitive to our environment and thus we do not use hazardous substances on human health and environment. Our production system is built to eliminate the harmful wastes.


  • Be honest.
  • Work efficiently during working hours.
  • Believe in what we do.
  • Be effective.
  • Be a team player.
  • Respect your colleagues and managers.
  • Aim for constant development.
  • Respect working hours.
  • Be a mindful and responsible employee.